Engine Rebuild, Repair, Replacement and Rebore services from Southern Engine Services

So your engine's Head gasket has blown, The car is producing a horrible knocking noise from the engine! The engine has seized ! The big ends have gone! So what to do New car, an engine fix, a reconditioned or re-manufactured engine or repairs to the cylinder block, pistons, cylinder head?

Why not take a look at our engine rebuild service (petrol and diesel) for the private motorist or the transport industry as well as marine engines. We can rebuild engines and fix engines on all types of vehicles including your old vintage car such as MG, Triumphs,Jaguars etc.

A Selection of our Engines Services

Repair Engines Replace Engines Engine Rebore
Cylinder Heads Skim Engine Blocks Blown Head Gaskets
Flywheel Skimming Crankshaft Re-grinding Valve Seats
Camshaft Timing Belt Con Rods Pistons
Marine Engines Classic Cars Performance Cars

Southern Engine Services can also do re-bore and skim engine blocks as well a offer a crankshaft regrind service. We offer all the other auto services that you would expect a professional company using state of the art engine manufacturing equipment.

We pride ourselves that we all machining and rebuilding in house no component has to leave our premises for cleaning, machining or assembly.

Warranty on all full engine rebuilds is a full 12 months unlimited mileage warranty.

All SES repairs are covered by a 6 months unlimited mileage warranty.

Our family business has traded since 1983 so your warranty will be there should you need it. Most of our competition offer unbelievable prices. And yes many are all too good to be true - their 5 year warranty offered is worthless many change their company names every couple of months to avoid covering any engine warranties! Southern Engine Services often supply our local authority with engine machining and components

Used Car Insurance Policies

We are happy to deal with used car Insurance polices, including AA, RAC and most other polices - please call for more information