About Southern Engine Services

The late Terry page senior since the age of 15 worked in his fathers haulage company during the war. He soon become one of the drivers but was also required to maintain all his fathers trucks. So after a hard days driving 15 / 20 hours back then he needed to change brakes and maintain all the engines oil levels, water levels as well as the occasional engine change.

Terry page senior started his own garage where his eldest son Terry junior joined him in the late1960s. The next son Tony helped out at the family bussiness when required at weekends as he was at this time in the print.The youngest son Alan started work at a family friends Engine Reconditioning Company where he was very soon made foreman. Alan and his father invested in a Crankshaft grinder and boring bars in the early 1980`s.They continued to add cor rod resizing machines, cylinder head reconditionning machines and the most modern pressure testing equipment. Both brothers joined the company along with some of all the brothers children.

Our Ethics

We try at all times to treat our customers as we would expect to be treated. We advise that all customers have a writen quote,( text,email) Terms should also always be read.The reason for this many in our trade offer fantastic prices with unbelievable 3/4 or even 5 year warranties. Yes people are vunerable and this is all too good to be true. They change their company name every couple of months, check there VAT numbers to see how long they have been trading. Do your research, Google their name for reviews, remember if it sounds to good to be true, it is.
Please do your home work on the company you intend to use ask if you can visit the factory and look at there machines they will use. Many so called engine companies do not have the very basic machines let alone all the machines required.
If in doubt call Alan or Tony and ask them for advice.

It is our intention to always inform customers of any extra costs that may be involved in there particular job prior to booking the job in. No extra parts would be added to the job unless authorised by the customer. My quote will not be the cheapest but you will get the service and the product you are expecting with a full 12 months warranty. We all so have no servicing requirments during the warranty period other than a 1000 mile service. We check all bolts,hoses and change the oil. £50. Many other companies require service every 3 months and charge £Lots.

Our latest endorsement from a really happy customer

Hi Alan
Just thought I would let you know the engine you built for me is fantastic I have used the Mg quite a bit this year and I have just returned from a 400 mile trip up to Worcester and back and it didnt miss a beat! The other reason for emailing you, would you know what the fuel consumption should be for a newly fitted engine? the carbs were reconditioned + electronic distributor so all new effectively, I drove all 400 miles at around 60mph and I have just worked it out to my surprise 40mpg ! Obviously not complaining just amazed really!
Cheers anyway