Con Rods

Small end and big cond rod repairs and bushes

The small end of the con rod is the end with the small hole. The pistons gudgeon pin fits through this hole in 2 ways. The first small end has a small end bush, a brass or phoshorus bronze bush. This bush can wear and gives a small knocking noise on the over run. New small end bush and hone to size is the correct repair. The pin is retained by circlips at each end of the pin. The con rod should also be checked for alignment.

The second type is a interference fit pin. This is fitted by the small end of the rod being heated until it is to the correct temprature. The gudgeon pin is then sliped in to place.The pin is held tight by the small end as it cools.

He more resently has made small end bushes from a brass bar for a Ford Pilot V8 as the customer was unable to purchase any. We often remove engines for customers on a budget and repair then to a good standard to a price the customer can afford. We reduce our warranty on repairs to 6 months 6000 miles.