Crankshaft problems and regrinds

The crankshaft is what pushes the con rods up and down. The pistons are attached to the top of the con rods which are attached at there big end to the crankshaft.The rotation movement of the crankshaft gives the up and down movement of the pistons. The tolerances in this area are to 5000 of an inch. ( 4 times less than a rizla paper) Any wear in this area of the engine can be catastrophic and should be repaired immediatley. Crankshaft Regrinding is carried out in store and advice on what other components should be checked will be given.

Many crank shafts can be machined. The method used is to grind using a specialist crankshaft grind machine. Material is removed from the shaft in the grind process, oversize bearing would be required. Even badly damaged crasnkshafts can be repaired by welding. Connecting rods should always be serviced at the same time of a crankshaft regrind.

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Crankshaft repair - Southern Engine Services mechanics have the expertise to visually inspect crankshafts for general condition, we inspect for crankshaft run-out(straightness), use Magnaflux and black light for finding hidden cracks, and to make judgements and recommendations for crankshaft rod journal turning, polishing, straightening, either way we are happy to advise you on the best options

Bearing Faults - Crank-shaft main and big end bearings are usually made from tin alloy or a lead copper material. Bearings may get damaged due to contamination on instalation. unmatched torquing. The most often cause is that the engine oil level drops below its minimun level causing oil starvation. A lack of engine oil will always end up in a major engine failure. The crankshaft bearings will almost certainly be the first component to faile causing heavy engine knocking and will require a full engine rebuild in most cases.

Engine Knocking - It is possible that you have a failed bearing, but equally a bad piston pin can also make similar knocking sounds. Time for a checkup!

Bent Crankshaft - If they have an excessive bend they should be replaced. Our mechanicswill let you know if we encounter this during our initial inspection.

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