Engine block rebores, rebuilds and repairs

blocks or engine crankcase rebored and oversize pistons and rings fitted

Damage to the engine block is ussally caused by overheating the engine or by loss of oil pressure as most modern engines have oil cooled piston crowns.

The blocks or engine crankcase can be rebored and oversize pistons and rings can then be fitted. In severe cases of damage a cylinder liner can be fitted which would be needed if the engine was damaged beyond the maximun available oversize piston normally .5mm or 1mm. A cylinder liner can be fitted to bores that are holed or very heavily scored. we also offer liner fit ment to vehicles that are not designed with liners as we supply special sizes for all vehicles and trucks.

Saving the one of only 5 Buggati with a Straight 8!

There is not much we can not do and after 30 years of boring, grinding,fitting liners, building engines. Alan page is confident in himself and his machines and will take on machining jobs that others may be uncomfortable doing. He speaks about a straight 8 BUGGATI Engine block that required a cylinder liner. 3 men all mechanics and employed to maintain a private collection of cars in the South London area.

The owner attended a meeting with Alan and two of the car owners mechanics. Alan measured the block and informed them that he could re`liner the engine block. The owner and employees was concerned that these blocks did not have liners fitted and was very concerned the engine block may be lost.

It was at this time that they decided to inform Alan that this was one of only 5 known cars world wide and the owner had 2. Alan assured them the job would work and would be as good as new. If not original but it would be almost impossible to tell and only the trained eye would know. It took alan 2 days and he was not permitted to work on the Engine block until the owners representive was able to attend. (what pressure!)

The BMW Block on the left was removed from an engine that had been rebuilt by a so called "Rebuilder" - it had been reused - beware you get what you pay for!