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Our latest endorsement from a really happy customer

Hi Alan
Just thought I would let you know the engine you built for me is fantastic I have used the Mg quite a bit this year and I have just returned from a 400 mile trip up to Worcester and back and it didnt miss a beat! The other reason for emailing you, would you know what the fuel consumption should be for a newly fitted engine? the carbs were reconditioned + electronic distributor so all new effectively, I drove all 400 miles at around 60mph and I have just worked it out to my surprise 40mpg ! Obviously not complaining just amazed really!
Cheers anyway


Warnings from a customers who suffered by not checking on the standards of his chosen repairer

Dear Alan / Tony
Many thanks for seeing to the faulty engine on my car today. It is a measure of your professionalism that you followed up the original work with an email, and dealt with the problems that arose quickly and without question. I will continue to monitor the engine but hopefully I won't need to contact you again until the car needs servicing.
With best regards,


This is a picture of a customers 2007 vehicle that has been in to another so called engine remanufacture company.
Is alleged that they have taken more than 500 deposits in excess of £1000 and this is how the owners car looks after they went bankrupt.
Stuart from Sussex had a similar incident after having his truck sent to Birmingham for a reconditioned engine and spending nearly  two and half times what he was quoted had to bring the truck to us to fix.
The engine had not been touched other than a very poor repair to the front engine main cap. This repair rendered the block scrap and new block was required.

damaged block from truck

Hi Alan
I will wait for the time being, not sure which way to go.
My Galaxy dropped a Valve in April 2009, and I went to Xxxxxxxxe, who reconditioned the bottom half and supplied a new head, as the existing one was totally munched in pot 3. whilst apart I had a new clutch fitted. and about a week later and £1540 lighter, I got the car back. I drove it away, and returned to them within 15 minutes as the clutch pedal was almost on the floor. they re-blead the clutch, but it appeared to make no difference, giving a total pedal movement of around half an inch. about a week later purely by chance I lifted the pedal with my foot, and it came to the top with a sucking sound, and the clutch seemed to be normal after that for a while.

4 weeks after I took it back for the mandatory service, which was a £120 oil change. After about 6 weeks I went on a run to a show, towing our caravan, on the way there noises started, that sounded like the water pump, the RAC towed me back, and the local garage fixed the car for me, it turned out to be the bolts holding the water pump pulley, not secured, causing one to fall out completely, and shearing another, this repair cost me £70.

Around a month after, I was experiencing a degree of clutch slip, the local garage confirmed this by putting it through it's paces around the yard, leaving the clutch burning (quite smelly), from there I drove back to Xxxxxxxxe, but it had settled down again by then, thier explanation was that there was probably some oil on the clutch plate that the local garage had burned off.

Three days following, on my way home from work, as I pulled away from the lights, the pedal just fell to the floor and I had no clutch, so the RAC towed me in again to the local garage, who replaced the coupling where the clutch pipe enters the gearbox, Xxxxxxxxe had forced it together and failed to put the retaining clip on it, that cost me another £140.

From day 1, there was a noise from the belt area, and over time it gradually got worse, I thought it was the auxiliary tensioner, so I had it replaced, but this made no difference, so eventually I decided to get the Cam belt tensioner done, to replace and fit the Belt and tensioner cost me another £340, however, whilst they had it apart, it was found that the bottom pulley needed replacing, so this added another £175 to the bill. only to find on completion, that a ldegree of the noise was coming from the big ends that are now knocking.

My next move was to return the car to Xxxxxxxxe, as the warranty still has about 5 months to run, but sadly when i got there it was all locked up. so I popped into the company next door to ask about then, only to be told "They done a bunk about 7 months ago mate", the man said let me guess, you had an engine done next door about a year ago and it's now F@#ck%$d, you'll be the 9th or 10th i've had in here in the last 6 weeks. It has stood me in £2300 so far, so not sure what way to go from here.

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