Porsche Boxster

The Boxster is a mid engined convertable. The first Boxster (the 986) was introduced in 1996 as a 1997 model. It was Porsche's least expensive vehicle. Early Boxster models were powered by a 201 horsepower 2.5 litre flat six-cylinder engine. In 2000, a 2.7 litre, 217 horsepower engine replaced the original engine and the new Boxster S was introduced with a 3.2 litre, 250 horsepower engine. In 2003 a minor update gave the Boxster's 2.7-liter engine 225 horsepower and the Boxster S's 3.2-liter engine 258 horsepower

2005 Boxster 987 mode was released. Engine output was increased again, to 240 and 280 horsepower respectively for the base and S cars. In 2007, the Boxster and Boxster S were upgraded with the 2.7L, 245hp engine from the Porsche Cayman and the 3.4L, 295hp engine from the Porsche Cayman S, respectively.

The boxster was Porsche's biggest volume seller from its introduction in model year 1997 until the company introduced the Cayenne utility vehicle in model year 2003.


The boxsters original 2.5L M96 engine is the same basic design as the original 3.2L M96 engine used in the 996; these were the first water-cooled engines employed in a rear-engine Porsche. It's widely seen that the combination of the new Boxster/911 styling and the reduced build costs through component sharing that saved Porsche from becoming owned by another car company.

The M96 is used in all 986/987 Boxsters, and most of the 996/997 range (except the GT3/GT2 and Turbo, which are based on the GT1 racing engine). The M96 is a horizontally opposed ("flat") six-cylinder layout. The M96 engine design had well documented problems during early production (leading to a small, but significant number of engine failures due to cracked piston linings) however since a minor redesign in 2003 these problems are reported to have been resolved.

These engines all so suffered RMS failure, rear main crankshaft seal. This creates a damp patch around the lower crankcase in the area of the gearbox and bellhousing area. The rms failure rarely gets to where it drips oil on the floor. The IMS failure is a much larger and more expensive problem. Firstly to replace the intermediate shaft you must remove the engine and completely strip the unit removing cylinder heads, crankshaft,pistons and con rods. Then you can clean and start to replace the damaged parts.

These must be genuine porsche parts and you will require at a minimun Intermediate shaft kit, new timing chains, full gasket kit including head gaskets and front and rear crankshaft oil seals including all o rings required to strip and assemble engine. The parts I have mentioned cost around 2000 x vat I would recommend whilst apart that you should replace piston rings 100 each bore x6 big end bearings, new spark plugs and water pump oil and air filters. 1000 x vat approx. These are a guide but show that you can not buy a reconditioned engine for 2500 as advertised on the internet. question why its so cheap or is that rearly what your pay when the cars done. (be warned) you get what you pay for.

The model received a minor facelift in 2003. The plastic rear window was replaced by a glass window. Porsche installed a different exhaust pipe and modified air intake. In addition, the often disliked orange "fried egg" front indicators were replaced with clear glass indicators, and the rear light cluster was also changed from red to clear.


The second generation of the Boxster (internally known as the 987) made its debut at the 2004 Paris Motor Show alongside the new 911 (997). The car became available for model year 2005. The appearance of the car remains very similar to the 986. The most significant updates from the 986 series are with the vastly improved interior, with a more prominent circular theme evident in the instrument cluster and cooling vents. Porsche claims that the 987 Boxster shares only 20% of components with its predecessor, despite almost being twins from the outside. The base engine is a 2.7 L 176 kW (240 hp) flat-6, with the Boxster S getting a 3.2 L 206 kW (280 hp) engine. The Cayman series is based off the 987.

For the 2007 model year the base Boxster has received a revised engine featuring VarioCam Plus to provide a 5 hp boost (245 hp; the same as the Cayman). While the Boxster S engine was upgraded from 3.2l to 3.4l resulting in 15 more hp (295 hp; the same as the Cayman S). These upgrades made the Boxster series and the Cayman series equivalent in terms of horsepower.